Completed Pump and Waterstation Projects

Biscayne Bay Coastal Wetlands, Phase 1 Deering Estate Flow-way

Owner: South Florida Water Management District

Contract Amount: $4,340,144.06

Location:3301 Gun Club Road West Palm Beach Florida 33406

Project Duration: 10/2009-01/2012

Description: This project involves site development, grading activities and construction of infrastructure. These activities include an extension of the C-100A Spur Canalonto the Powers Addition Parcel, construction of a 100 cfs pump station and discharge piping with under road crossing. An outlet spreader structure will be constructed along the Right-of-Way discharging fresh water to the drain and ultimately to the coastal wetlands.


S65 & S65A Navigational Lock Refurbishment

Owner: South Florida Water Management District

Contract Amount:$4,137,221.27

Location:B-1 Building, 3301 Gun Club Road West Palm Beach, FL33406

Project Duration: 03/2010-01/2011

Description: This project consisted of replacement of door and window; rehabilitate pavement, replace fence; install, maintain and remove floating safety barrier; warning signs and floating turbidity barrier; refurbish gate hinges; install hinge bushings; wire brush gate seal beam replace rectangular seals; test gate seals; replace pintle grease lines and fittings; constructgate hinge repairs; replace gate finder wales; replace gate bumper blocks; sandblast andpaint gate and other steel; concrete rehabilitation and many other rehabilitative repairs.



With their excellent quality of service, workmanship, and prompt response on emergency repairs, it has been a pleasure working with Worth Contracting, Inc.Captain Jim Suber,
Waterways Coordinator / Dock Master

All work for the project was successfully completed in accordance with the requirements of the Contract. No contract or payment issues existed, and contract was closed.David Vaughn,
A1A Director

The nearly two million dollar project carried out on time and in budget by Worth Contracting Inc. and managed by the Bureau of Design and Construction Project Manager Randy Strange provides Universal access, solar powered lighting, recycled, maintenance free boardwalks and upgraded restroom facilities.Manager
Fort Clinch Pier

I have personally had the pleasure of working with Joe and Katherine Worth, and their staff, on several District projects. Their planning and approach, quality of work, promptness of deliverables and their willingness to meet the District's goals have exceeded our expectations.Mr. Gregory T. Mayo,
Chairman Prequalification Committee Contractors
Georgia Department of Transportation

The quality of work was excellent, and the work was completed on-schedule and within the budgeted amount. Worth has demonstrated excellent cooperation and teamwork, including their immediate response times for emergency repair work.Howard 'Buff' Searcy, Jr.
Lead Construction Manager
South Florida Water Management District

Again, it has been a pleasure working with Worth, and we would certainly recommend them for future work.Tom McKernan,
CET Construction Manager
ERRA Construction Department

Over the past 25 years, Worth Contracting has exhibited a unique ability to apply Tnemec's wide range of high performance coatings on a wide array of difficult projects including tanks, bridges, lighthouses, locks, and water and waste treatment plants.Michael Kendig,
Tnemec Coatings

I wanted to personally express what a treat Paul Gilbert did on behalf of Worth Contracting in conjunction with the City of Fernandina Beach. No obstacle or hurdle was insurmountable, and he routinely came up with viable solutions and effected them efficiently and expeditiously.Coleman Langshaw
Marina Director
Cit of Fernandina Beach

The restoration of the Crooked River Lighthouse by Worth Contracting has given back a historic monument to the city that can be enjoyed for generations to come.Aerlene M. Oehler,
CLA President

It certainly was a pleasure to work with the "Worth Team." Not only was the contract finished and accepted before the contract deadline, with no change orders, it was executed with the utmost professional integrity.Barbara Segal
Modernization Coordinator
Broward County